Old Mule BBQ Sauce

This western NC barbecue sauce that's actually made in the North Carolina mountains! Old Mule is an all-natural, thick and tangy tomato-based BBQ sauce that's hand-made on a family farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western NC. Old Mule is slow-cooked to perfection (no artificial thickeners) so that it'll add rich flavor and cling to ribs, chicken, venison and anything else you grill, bake, or slather with sauce. We love this sauce because it nicely balances sweetness and tang with just a bit of a kick that won't burn folks who don't like spicy foods. Old Mule is much more than a barbecue sauce: Many people dip fries or chips in Old Mule, or stir it into chili and baked beans, spread it on sandwiches, add it to meatloaf recipes, and even use it as a steak sauce or with seafood. Authentic western North Carolina BBQ sauces are hard to find, and Old Mule is the real deal! A Goodness Grows in NC product.

Refrigerate after opening.
Serving size for nutritional content: approx. 1 fl. oz


tomato paste, vinegars, water, brown sugar, worcestershire sauce (contains wheat, soy, fish), salt, black pepper, onion powder, spices & natural flavors

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 fl. oz
Size: 18 oz.

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