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Scott's Barbecue Sauce originated in 1917 when Adam Scott, a minister in Goldsboro, NC had a dream in which the exact ingredients for the sauce were revealed to him. He spent the next three years developing his sauce, and began serving it on pork barbecue out of his house. Word got around quickly and demand was so great that he opened a restaurant and used the original recipe for almost 30 years. Then in 1946, his son, A. Martel Scott, spiced up the original recipe and eventually bottled it for retail sale in 1948. The recipe for Scotts Barbecue Sauce remains a family secret passed down through generations of Scotts, and Adam's grandson Martel proudly carries on his father's and grandfather's tradition at Scott's famous barbeque restaurant in Goldsboro. Over the decades, Scott's Barbecue Sauce has received accolades from The New York Times and Food & Wine Magazine. This all-purpose vinegar-based sauce makes authentic, spicy, eastern NC barbeque - just splash generously on pulled pork and enjoy with a side of slaw. The old-fashioned label reflects the roots of the sauce and includes recipes for BBQ pork and chicken. Try Scott's BBQ Sauce on seafood, too, especially calabash shrimp and fried fish!

Serving size for nutritional content: 2 Tbs


vinegar, salt, peppers, spices

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 2 Tbs
Size: 16 oz

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